In ERM, a work consists of a discrete text by Ruskin, as expressed in all available witnesses. The entry path to a work in the archive defaults to the workʼs Apparatus Page, which organizes information about the work (e.g., about the workʼs available witnesses and manuscript sources, title, genre, date, composition and publication history, and other discussion). The Apparatus Page also links to the workʼs Text Pages, consisting of witness transcriptions (manuscript and print), corresponding facsimiles, and supporting annotation. (See The Plan of the Archive.)
In the Works Indices, works are listed both by first line and by title. Titles are assigned to works according to rules in System of Title Citation for Works. Titles in the indices include those for both single and composite texts—the latter including, for example, a multipart travelogue, sermon series, poetry anthology, or scientific dictionary. If the individual parts of a composite text are themselves entitled, these titles are also listed in the Works Indices, but the link will take the reader to the Apparatus Page for the composite work.
The current Title Index is arranged alphabetically. Eventually, the archive will offer Title Indices that are arranged chronologically and topically.
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