“Andernacht” Drawing 1 of 1

Andernach Crane, Round Tower, and Cathedral

Pen and ink, approx. ? × ? cm (image only).
The editors of the Library Edition describe the image as “a sketch of a wooded, high‐banked river, with towers and a church in the distance” (Ruskin, Works, 2:354 n. 2). The sketch shows a grouping of Andernachʼs most familiar medieval buildings. In the sketch, standing closest to the river, is the sixteenth‐century crane; in the middle distance, the fifteenth‐century round tower; and in the far distance, the towers of St. Mary Assumption Cathedral. In the drawing, Ruskin would seem to have crowded these buildings closer together than they could in fact have been seen in a single view, but Clarkson Stanfield grouped them similarly for the engraving, Andernach (Ritchie, Travelling Sketches on the Rhine [Heathʼs Picturesque Annual for 1833], 154 opp.).