“The Jungfrau“ Drawing 1 of 1

[“The Jungfrau from Interlaken”]

Pen and ink, approx. 3 × 3 1/2 inches, based on photogravure, said to be actual size.
The title presumably originated with W. G. Collingwood, editor of Ruskin, Poems (4o, 1891), for which the drawing was photogravured (1:140 opp.). However, the title and/or identification of the subject of the drawing may have been known to “Miss Agnes Taylor”, who is credited with possession of the drawing in Ruskin, Works, 38:259 (no. 915). The current location of the drawing is unknown.
The vignette is also reproduced by photogravure in Ruskin, Works, 2:380 opp.