“come on good horse and let us see”
martin took his task as guide a
 d all the women did in him confide

 t only martin had to pas 
but een good shagram with the lass
named mary avenel and 
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they had come nearer to the glen
it was so bad that there [sic] b they stuck
for stir they could not een a 
martin then did look 
to see where he 
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  selecting the safest way
he to shagram be  to say
come on good horse and let us see
whether thou wilt obey thy master me 1
come on but shagram would not go
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though mute he very well said no
for shagram snorted laid his paws
as if he encountered a great bears jaws 2
and would not go. een tak your ain
way said the shepherd I would fain
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get oer to tother side and bee
upon our way so let us see
what you can do for us and when
we are safe at glendarg glen
safe in stable you shall stand
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with plenty hay and fodder at your hand
just at this moment mary saw
just as good shagram raised his paw
a beauteous lady far away
and seeing her she thus did say
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I see a lady just up there
and I must say exedding
exeeding [sic]
fair c

where where cried the whole of the family then
why very near to glendarg glen
she signs to us to come yon gate
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but it was gay avenels fate * great
to see things that nobody saw
except themselves, and would say pshaw
so it was in this odd time

for a spirit haunted avenels line
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this tibb tackett thought it up

for twas near to glendarg glen
and her haunt was near this part
where oft the very sp slender hart
had drank at this place but was
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frightened by her very fair

to have a spirit in their line* d
form appearing like a fog
and this I suspect was that seen in the bog 3
shagram at his own free will e
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did no longer stand stock still
but set off at ao f good rate