“Glen of Glenfarg” [“Glen of Glenfarg thy beauteous rill”]

Glen of Glenfarg.

Glen of Glenfarg, thy beauteous rill,
 Streaming through thy mountains high,
Onward pressing, onward still,
 Hardly seeing the blue sky.
Mountain streams, press on your way,
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 And run into the stream below:
Never stop like idle clay,—
 Hear the sheep, and cattle low.
Stones that in the stream do lie,
 Bear the rushing torrent still:
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—Thou shalt never, never die,
 —Submit unto the Almightyʼs will.
Cows that lie upon the grass,
 Rise and graze upon the hills;
Never be a heavy mass,
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 Like a stone thatʼs in the rills.
Sheep that eat upon the hills,
 Rise, and play, and jump about;
Drink out of the running rills,
 And always on the grass be out.
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Cottages upon the plain,
 Placed so near the floury mills;
—Cottager, look on Charlesʼs Wain, 1
 Right above the grassy hills.
The pole-star guides thee on the way,
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 When in dark nights thou art [lost]; 2
Therefore look up at the starry day,
 Look at the stars about thee tost.