“The Ship” and “Look at That Ship” [1827]
look at that ship

her flying streamer and her mountain sides, 1
her towʼring mast and filling sails with drops
of water hanging to her high buil side 2
glittering like diamonds dangling in the sun.
yet soon it lessens lessens more and more,
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till to a speck reduced it vanishes complete
and to the dangers of the sea exposed
the sailors look with
horror at the waves, 3

then through the clouds the sun shoots forth hisbeams
the clouds disperse and bright blue sky comes forth
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the waters sparkle and at distance seen the specks
of other vessels swimming on the expanse
of ocean—some of them do disappear complete
while others largen coming nearer near
then gliding off each take a different course
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and disappear again. When shore afar is seen
and on the vessel drives
when landing safe

she rides at anchor
floating on the waves 5

at length the anchor pulled she drives away
and passes on. a loud explosion heard
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the air around them darkened with the smoke
and steam. a steamboat then had burst
while from among the smoke the vessel quickly goes
and gladly spies homes cliffs and home she goes.

febuary or march, 1827