“The Storm”

 The storm
See the collecting clouds upon the hill
See the collecting roughness of the rill
Hark to the wind it howls among the

And the high rising wind the pigs
do see 1

See from the skies the shower of
 pelting snow
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And hear how much the sheep and cattle

From the dark cloud a flash of lightning

And down upon the ground a woman

Struck by the lightnings flash the
 thunder follows fast

With fury from the skies the light
 bad 2  nings cast
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See how from yonder hills the cloudscollect
And see how dark and dreary they dolook
Promising hail and snow the birdsretire
Into their nests and chirp and scream
Prophesying the coming storm down
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pours the snow

Covering the hedges and thehouses tops

Loud howls the wind andwhistling roots up many a tree
The sheep bleat loudly and thecareful dog
Collecting them in a flock conductsthem home
Then when the storm is over
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from the clouds

Peeps forth the sun and shiningon the snow
Gives it that dazzling whitenessto the eye
In which its principle beautydoth consist
And so in beginning anotherline I end