“Papa whats time a figure or a sense” [“Time: Blank Verse”]
Papa whats time a figure or a sense
Tis one but not the other. 1 Is not time
a figure es it is for on the tops of shops
we often see a figure with two wings
a scythe upon one shoulder and a lock
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of hair upon his forehead while his head is bald
except the lock upon his forehead and called time
times very quick and therefore he has wings
when past times gone for ever so he has a lock
of hair upon his forehead and the proverb is
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take time by his forelock. he mows down every thing
and so he has a scythe. time is so quick
that might a year be called a day
ay now I think of it tis ew‐ears‐ay
a happy ew‐ears ay to you apa
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and now I must return to time
is time only a figure no he is not
what is he then what is he I dont know
heʼs not a quality of that Iʼm sure
oh I remember now he is a god
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entitled saturn heʼs a heathen god
and well he might be called one none but them 2
could go so quick or jump from tween our hands
as time does time Iʼm quite away from him
away from him no surely Iʼm not so
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for Iʼm at heathen gods and heʼs a god
so though I may be from him Iʼm not far
from him. and now I must go to him quite
timesallsometimes large
tis but an hour to merry ew ears ay

for though it is a day a days an hour
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and whats an hour tis only a wee minute
made so by the quick course of time
so Mr time as Ive said all about you
all Ive to say I must take leave of you
January 1 1827