Early Ruskin Manuscripts, 1826–1842
The Early Ruskin Manuscripts, 1826–1842 is a project of Southeastern Louisiana University and Humanities Online, both under the direction of the university's Department of English.
All commentary in ERM, including apparatuses, glosses, notes transcripts, and other editorial treatments of the manuscripts is © by David C. Hanson. If quoting from ERM, please identify the title of the work or commentary quoted, the date that you accessed ERM, and the following credit line and url: The Early Ruskin Manuscripts, 1826–1842. Ed. David C. Hanson, 2016-2018. 〈〉.
This site is powerd by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). The license is available here. The license can also be found at the root of [this]( git repository.
The early Ruskin manuscripts are divided among several archives. For any given work or manuscript, permission to reproduce a facsimile and/or transcribe text is credited to the relevant archive in the Apparatus Pages for both works and manuscripts, in the section of a given apparatus describing “Manuscripts”; and in Notes Pages, at the end of a note.
Andron Scriptor Web
The Andron Scriptor Web font used by this project is a special edition of Andreas Stötzner’s Andron Font Project, financed by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Bergen. It has been issued to support scholarly editing in medieval philological studies and is provided free of charge. The creator and the provider of the font, Andreas Stötzner and the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative (MUFI), have to be credited in colophons of works which utilize the font. Any alteration to the font, including its contents, disposition, glyph shapes, and/or name, is a violation of international copyright law and therefore strictly prohibited. If enhancements and/or improvements to the font are desired, these should be forwarded to MUFI for consideration in future updates of the font. Andron is a trademark of Andreas Stötzner, and its design is © by Andreas Stötzner, all rights reserved.
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